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Tikal: Night of the Blood Moon

The predictions of a long-forgotten Mayan legend suddenly turn out to be true when the earth is shaken by volcanic eruptions and earthquakes and the blood moon rises again.

Before the fire demon wakes up a second time, you must enter the secret depths of the “Tikal” temple.

Find the magic mask that can stop evil before it’s too late!

Abyssal obstacles and tricky puzzles await you – teamwork and intelligence are required!


It's the right mission for you?
Come and find out!
  • Genre

  • Players

  • Duration

  • Available weapons
    Non-violent experience with VR objects

Other available missions

PvP 6

Desert Storm

In a deserted city the "showdown" between two rival troops begins: new weapons, new features - even more fun!

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PvP 2-4

Urban Assault

Two pairs of snipers collide on the roofs of a middle-eastern city at dusk.

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Adventure 2-5

Temple of the Diamond Skull

While scanning an Earth-like planet, a large source of energy was discovered.

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