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You need short reaction times, precision, anticipation and the right communication!
The VR game “Showdown” is a “player vs player” shooter similar to paintball, laser tag or airsoft.

Equipped with two different weapons, you will be teleported to an abandoned military facility where you will fight against the opposing team.

Three game rounds and lots of adrenaline await you!

Multiple levels, many obstacles and cover options, individual and team scoring points system: Showdown is ideal for shooters and action fans, and for groups who would like to duel.


It's the right mission for you?
Come and find out!
  • Genre

  • Players

  • Duration

  • Available weapons
    Assault rifle and sniper rifle with recoil

Other available missions

Adventure 2-5

Temple of the Diamond Skull

While scanning an Earth-like planet, a large source of energy was discovered.

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Shooter 2-5

Patient Zero

To stop the zombie apocalypse, the antidote must be found.

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PvP 6

Desert Storm

In a deserted city the "showdown" between two rival troops begins: new weapons, new features - even more fun!

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