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PvP 2-4

Urban Assault

Two pairs of snipers collide on the roofs of a middle-eastern city at dusk.

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PvP 6

Desert Storm

In a deserted city the "showdown" between two rival troops begins: new weapons, new features - even more fun!

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Shooter 3-5

The Lost City

After the failed attempt to stop the zombies, we lost city after city to the undead. Will you be able to evacuate in time?

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Adventure 6-10

Tikal: Night of the Blood Moon

The traditions of a long forgotten Mayan legend come true.

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PvP 4-6


Locked up in a military facility, two teams fight for fame and glory.

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Shooter 2-5

Patient Zero

To stop the zombie apocalypse, the antidote must be found.

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Adventure 2-5

Temple of the Diamond Skull

While scanning an Earth-like planet, a large source of energy was discovered.

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